I'm No Pussy

It hit me this morning. I was in Target, looking for boy's pants amongst the brown and greys and olive greens, clothes for working, clothes that mean business, when I passed the girl’s section with it’s bright colors, frills and lots and lots of pink clothes for twirling and looking cute and pretty. And suddenly I realized why I was so very uncomfortable with this weekend’s Women’s marches around the country.

It was the pink. All that pink. All those pink pussy hats. The pink pussy hat that puts you into one very big compartment as a girl. You see, I'm not a girl. I don't wear pink. I wear leather. And boots. And I'll kick your ass. And the fact is, I don’t want you to recognize me as a woman. I do not want to be compartmentalized into a pink pussy hat wearing girl. How dare you! How dare you tell me that I have to wear a pink hat and make a cute and clever sign with twirly writing and glitter that my husband will put on Instagram because I'm so good for standing up for the ovaries that bore our children. I am not a woman. I am a person. A successful, hard-working, proud person. That’s what I want you to see me as. Screw your gender stereotypes. We should ALL be marching together for equal rights, for everyone. This should have been a protest against the threat to ALL of our freedoms. We should ALL have united to form a clear and unequivocal front. Not more divisions. Can't you see we've fallen for Donald Trump's trap? We have allowed him to compartmentalize us. We are allowing him to discriminate by separating ourselves. I am appalled that Donald Trump is our president. I think it is one of the most bizarre twists of fate to ever befall us and I am very afraid of the consequences his rhetoric will have on the freedom and benefits of each and every person. And that’s exactly why I am so opposed to the concept of a women's march. I don't want to be apart. Because this is the life I live every single day. In my leather boots in my office in my business in my life. In my life that matters every day as I show my three children, a teenage girl and two younger boys, that being a good, honest person is imperative and that caring about EVERYONE around you is the greatest impact you can have on this earth. And I don't have to wear pink to recognize that.