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A week is a world away

A week ago I was supposed to leave for a surf trip in Nicaragua. I started getting cold feet after I couldn't get hold of the airline, and El Salvador, through which we were supposed to transit, closed its doors to foreigners.

A few days before I was set to leave, my kids' school cancelled their week long expeditions which would have taken our children to Washington DC, Mammoth and others even further afield to Costa Rica. The kids were in an uproar. Two of my kids left the campus in a huff. Last night my daughter said to me that it feels so long ago, and she can't believe that they were all so upset. So insignificant now.

I saw photos last night from the surf trip I didn't take. A wistful look at those smiling suntanned ladies standing on a beach. One girl described the trip as "epic". And I'm sitting here feeling like the world has fallen apart, barely able to get out of my pajamas. Ok, not actually able to get out of my pajamas. They closed the beaches in San Diego today. Like actually put barricades up and closed them. We just moved to be closer to the beach. It's my place. The ocean is the space where I go to find myself. I'm at a loss. Come back soon.


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