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I cannot get out of my pajamas: March 29th

I think we've been at home for going on 3 weeks now. Here are my impressions:

- I cannot get out of my pajamas: a pair of grey sweatpants, a tank top and one of three sweatshirts I have on rotation.

- my going out outfit is a grey sweatshirt that I reserve for the occasion.

- it took so much effort to actually get dressed and put on makeup the one time that I haven't been able to do it again.

- yesterday I saw a lady riding a bike up our hill in literally full pageant makeupand I whispered to her, "I admire you" and stood in salute.

- going to the grocery store makes me feel like I'm entering a combat zone.

- When I leave home I feel like I've been in a bunker and didn't know that the war is over. Apparently not everyone else is as freaked out as we are.

- Apparently I am very rule abiding. If there's a sign or a ruling I believe it should be followed to a T.

- My boys are bummed that I won't let them go over to the little park even though other kids are going there to skate and shoot hoops. There are signs saying that it's closed and I believe we should honor that. I'm bummed that I have to say no.

- I really really really am trying to not give in to pandemic eating. I definitely did the first two weeks. I'm now trying to be a good vegan, following Dr Greger's Daily Dozen, making juice etc etc.

- and then I hit 5pm, have two glasses of wine and eat my way through a party size bag of Hershey's Kisses because they're small.


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