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Sad Sequins

We just moved into a new house as all of this happened and I got around to unpacking my closet today. And it made me really sad! I kind of wanted to put everything back into a box and send it away. I’ve been wearing the same pair of grey sweatpants for three days. Today my biggest goal was to order more acceptable “lounge wear”. I’m a girl who loves fashion and shopping and dressing up and although it might be a silly thing to whine about, it certainly did give me a different perspective. I wonder if we’ll all just go back to our same way of life, albeit slowly perhaps, or will I be left wearing grey sweatpants forever more. - we’re on Day 4 of our 30 day exercise challenge. We’re now up to 65 people. I’m waiting for my abs to appear through the layer of chocolate and wine. - I now drink wine every evening. - Darian now drinks wine every evening. - we’ve given up on formal dinner and just eat things like crackers and cheerios. And chocolate. - I’m back to pretending that chocolate is vegan. - I’m finding it shocking that some people are treating this like a vacation. We live on a beach access street and it was like summer today. I do believe that the police/lifeguards are going to clamp down. - also what the hell are parents of teenagers thinking? My kids have friends who are running around. Not cool to kill people because you want to socialize. Harsh but really deadly. - it’s raining and it really doesn’t matter because it’s not like we’re going anywhere. - heading into week 2 of online school. I’m wondering what is going to happen to kids who don’t have that kind of access? Will they have to attend summer school? Will they have to repeat the year? Will they just get pushed through to the next grade? Lots of questions.

I have equated this to a wildfire. You know there’s a fire and you know it’s in your area. You’re reading reports that it’s coming close so you prepare your house. Pack some belongings, water down the lawn, and then you wait. You listen to when the wind shifts and hope that it pushes the fire away. And you panic when the fire turns towards you. But all you can really do is wait and hope that you don’t get burned.


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