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Relegated to the box of incomplete and useless knitted items, along with half of a sweater I made when I was pregnant with Mia 17-years ago. True story: I really just love knitting, not making!

I have a similar routine every morning where I sit for about 30 minutes drinking my coffee (skillfully made by my in-home barista, aka husband) and catch up with the world. I answer work emails, plan out my day, and then check in on my social networks, both for work and my own entertainment. Invariably I come across someone who is doing something amazingly creative, as those are the people I love, know and follow.

I see my artist friends, and photographers. I watch the sewers and the musicians. I marvel at the interior designers and the furniture makers. And invariably I’m led to my own lack of creative production. On the weekends I plot and plan. I have the tools to make a glass chandelier. I have knitted half of a truly enormous blanket. Last weekend I started to hand embroider “Yas Queen” on a little pouch. I stare at the guitar sitting in the corner, reminding me that it’s one of the few instruments I don’t play. And the clang of latin piano I’m planning to learn rings in my head. Not to mention of course the two half started novels. These fantasies. Oh they drive me crazy. How do I satisfy myself with my lack of production? How do I squeeze in the time for creativity when I can’t even make dinner some nights? And don’t get me started on wanting to get back to running and the Tuesday dance classes I’ve committed to but rarely attend.

I suspect that one of this issues is that my plan is always too grand. An embroidery project must lead to an entire line of embroidered products. A blanket should be a production factory of many. I never started the rock tumbling (the machine smells weird) but my enormous chandelier installation is still in my brain somewhere. I get it that this is how I’m wired – I’m not a small scale kind of gal. And I have a sneaking suspicious that this is the lesson I need to learn – that my grand plans sometimes get in the way of my creative enjoyment of the process. I need to be ok with the process.

How does it work for you? Do you set aside a day for creativity? Work late at night? Or just forget it all together? Let me know if you have it figured out won’t you?

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