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Why I let my son wear a Minnie dress and other curious conundrums.

This post from 2010 is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written and I wanted to share it here again. And I’m going to write an update one of these days too…

That look!

So yes, my 3 year old has been wearing a Minnie Mouse dress for the past 6 months. The pretty white satin collar and sash are a muddy grey from frequent washing. And yes, we let him have a Minnie Mouse birthday party (actually it was an extravaganza…Minnie came over, and yes Milan wore his dress). Just for the record, his other party theme requests were “Pink” and “Princesses”. And yes, when I asked my dad to check on him the other night, he came back and said that Milan was fine, just putting on some make-up.

It’s a funny thing, having a boy who loves a good princess, mouse or not. It’s not what you might expect. He’s in NO way feminine, and is prone to bashing his brother around. He throws and shouts and kicks. And he loves, loves, loves airplanes and all things mechanical. But he has a slight penchant for dresses. Yup, he’s know to throw on a pink netted ballet number with a velvet bodice, and that other satin lavender get-up. They’re a bit battered from when he rides his bike in them, and sometimes he’ll loop his hand through the torn tulle skirts for ease of kicking a soccer ball.

Interestingly, he hardly ever asks to wear his dresses out. Just pops them on when he gets home. I’ve taken him out in a dress when he wants, (like for a haircut last week where the stylist asked if my daughter was ready) but that makes Darian distinctly uncomfortable. He says that he’s not, god bless him. And that it’s just difficult to buckle a kid into a car seat with so much tulle. And that it’s not appropriate to wear costumes outside of the house. But then I point out that Mia wore a HUGE pink princess dress for several months. And Max lived in his UPS costume last year, so much so that one school mom said she kept thinking that she had missed a dress-up day.

What do I think? That it’s charming. And helluva cute. Do I think it’s an indicator of what might be to come? Really, not in the slightest. I mean, let’s face it. We’ve got pretty good odds of having a gay kid. I have one gay parent, so maybe there’s gene in there somewhere! And as cliched as it might be, I’ll need one child who’ll shop with me. Although come to think of it, Maxim really is a great shopper, and has an eye for tailoring and a matching accessory. And he already cries a lot. So maybe he’ll be my gay son. Is it bad of me to want one?

Anyway, it’s ridiculous to think that just because Milan wears dresses it should have an impact on his sexual proclivity. Right? He might just end up as a guy who has a good eye for velvet. But until then, I’m going to let my children wear whatever they like (my mantra is, “as long as you’re respectful and protected from the elements), and just hope that what we’ll breed is a bunch of kids who aren’t afraid to express themselves and who love who they are, whomever they might turn out to be! VIVA la MINNIE!!


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