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Women Who Run With The Wolves

On 11/2/2014 I ran my 8th marathon. 5th New York Marathon. And I finished in 4:45:51 – the second fastest marathon I’ve ever run. It was also the most fun I’ve had running a marathon. I literally had a wall to wall grin the entire way. But this marathon was different, it wasn’t about time, or distance or personal accomplishment. In fact, I didn’t actually even train. Truly. Because this marathon was for life. For living a full, joyous existence. For doing. For being. For living. And for facing it all full on.

Before this marathon, I didn’t really want to run another. Now I have a time goal of 4:30. And I have something inside of me that says I can. I can go faster. Push myself further. Drive myself a little harder.

Why? What made this different? Because this marathon wasn’t about me. It was Robyn’s marathon. It was where she should have been two years ago before her Cancer diagnosis, and a celebration of where she’s made it to. For me is was a huge, powerful lesson that reminded me how important it is to have friends at my side. Just how much more rewarding life is when we do this together. I’ve climbed the mountain and been left behind, and I know how that isn’t what I want to feel. And so you see, all of life’s experiences add up together, things come full circle. And from this experience, I had the greatest reminder that one can always choose joy. I think the pictures speak to that 🙂

Read Robyn’s amazing story here, in what I think is one of the most powerful blog posts she’s ever written:


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